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La Flèche d'Or

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October 2009

La Flèche d’Or is a concert hall located in the 20th arrondissement in Paris. After it shut down for a few months and taken over by two music producers – Alias and Asterios - it just re-opened. For this occasion both the visual identity and communications tools must be reconsidered to match the target (20-35 years-old) and new communications channels.

Web design


An interactive experience that gives value to the sharp programming of the concert hall.

An iPhone-optimised website to spread the offer within the community.

E-commerce functionalities ready to be activated as part of an online ticket booth launch.



An overhauled design that matches the place’s re-vamp.

Ergonomics that bring events to life in time: from introducing to sustaining, along with their production.


We had plenty of questions and wishes for that new site that reflects the concert hall’s activity: ergonomics, readability, aesthetics, social media, mobile, etc. The team knew how to respond to our questions and understand our needs. Their dynamism, flexibility and ideas made our project real quickly and they helped us make the right choices to optimise SEO, traffic and comfort for our audience.


Alexandre Gaulmin, communications coordinator

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